Compare prices with Price Check by Amazon

Seattle-based Amazon is the undisputed leader in online retail. Now the web-based marketplace is challenging retail competitors with a mobile app that allows consumers to compare prices while standing in brick-and-mortar stores.

Price Check by Amazon is, as the name implies, an app that allows consumers to compare prices with and its merchants. The app features four methods for checking prices using a one-button interface for each method. The first method is typing the name of the product. The second is scanning the barcode of a product using a smartphone’s built-in camera. An image-centering feature helps users accurately scan barcodes, but we found the process to be a bit difficult. Users can also take a picture of an item directly as a third price-check method, but the function seems limited mainly to books, DVDs, CDs and video games. Lastly, a user can generate a search query for an item in the app using their phone’s voice-recognition feature. From there, a customer can log into their Amazon account to complete the purchase if they want the price of the product on Amazon.

Aside from prices, the app also provides product descriptions and customer reviews. Every product a user looks up has a “Submit Price” button, so if the price in a store is cheaper than Amazon, the user can share the in-store prices with Amazon. Users can also share product prices via Twitter, Facebook, text message or email.

Price Check doesn’t display ads, nor monetize through any other means besides goods purchasing.


Interestingly, Price Check’s main competitor is Amazon Mobile — which displays much of the exact same information, such as customer reviews. Features that are exclusive to Price Check are the voice functionality and price submission button. The voice functionality doesn’t seem like that much of a distinction, given that Amazon mobile users could just click on the search field and activate their smartphone’s voice recognition feature for the same effect.

According to our AppData metrics tracking service, Price Check is currently ranked 62 (top chart) under the lifestyle genre in the Apple App Store and sits at the 23 (bottom chart) spot in the shopping category and 498 for overall applications in Google Play.

Amazon Mobile ranks No. 60 (top chart) for the top free apps category in the App Store and slightly higher in Google Play ranking 54 (bottom chart) among top free apps. Google Play is reporting 500,000 to one million installs for Price Check by Amazon and five million to 10 million for Amazon Mobile.

Even if there’s not much to set Price Check apart from Amazon Mobile, we found the app to be a simple, useful tool for making cost-effective purchasing decision. We have reached out to Amazon to find out if there are plans to introduce new features to Price Check that would better differentiate it from Amazon Mobile, but haven’t heard back as of press time.

Price Check by Amazon is available for free on both iOS and Android, respectively. You can follow the app’s progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.