Compare eBook Prices

If you own an iPad and like to read eBooks, you can buy books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple, provided that you don’t mind using multiple eReader apps. Because you aren’t limited to one store for books, the logical question is which one has the best price for the book that you want to buy? You could visit each online store to check the price but a web app called Leatherbound retrieves the price comparisons for you and presents them, along with links to buy the book.

In many cases book prices will be the same, but prices do fluctuate. As you can see in the screen shot, I did a price check on the new Mark Twain autobiography and Kindle’s price of $9.79 is significantly cheaper than the Nook’s price, while the book is not available in the iBookstore.

The app works well in Safari on the iPad, so this is one site that you will want to bookmark on your iPad. You will find the site at