Company Ties Underwear to Election

There’s a hot-button issue being widely ignored by both major party presidential candidates as well as the mainstream media: Buck Naked or Free Range Organic underwear?

Duluth Trading Company is somehow managing to use the Abraham LincolnStephen Douglas debates of 1858 (the ones former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was all wet and messy over) to promote its line of men’s underwear.

“Both vying for Illinois senate, the two great orators made history with seven, three-hour debates, one in each congressional district,” a release says. “This election year, however, Lincoln and Douglas surely could have found common ground over their love of underwear from Duluth Trading Company – the only question being Free Range or Buck Naked?”

The Free Range underwear “won’t make you feel cooped up,” according to the description of the product on the company’s website. On the other hand, the Buck Naked style is supposed to feel “like you’re wearing nothing'” and the fabric also “fights stink.” We’re not sure what that means, but it makes us nauseous.

Duluth is hosting a contest in which you can exercise your Democratic right to vote on which underwear is better on Facebook.

“In this election year, we decided to let our customers tell us which is their frontrunner,” said Stephanie Pugliese, president of Duluth. If you like the company’s Facebook page, you’re entered to win a week’s worth of their underwear (Fishbowl tip: It’s two week’s worth, if you turn them inside out).