Company Makes Right By Angered Design Community

Back in September, the big story in the design community was the new Quark logo, which was a little too similar to several others already out there (and people kept finding more and more as time went on). If there’s one thing not to do, it’s being a company who makes design software who pilfers a logo. Not good. Well, looks like Quark went back to the drawing board and have come up with something new. And once again, it’s back to the top of the design news. Here’s a bit from the story from Creative Pro:

Glen Turpin, the company’s director of corporate communications, says that “Quark listened to the feedback we received from the design community in relation to our re-branding initiative in September and decided to create a new logo that is both an evolution of our visual identity and a strong representation of the new Quark… Changing the mark to avoid any perception of similarity enables us to further define our unique identity.”

I asked Turpin about the process behind the revamped logo. “Our internal creative team designed the new logo,” he replied, “and we received feedback from a variety of outside consultants throughout the design process. Then we undertook all the appropriate business, legal, and creative analysis in review of our new logo.”