The Company Behind Uproxx Targets the Elusive Millennial Male in New Partnership With Forbes

Woven Digital presents plan to engage men

The millennial male is one of the toughest demographics for brands to attract. Digital media companies struggle to figure out what exactly makes young guys tick.

Woven Digital thinks it knows. Led by CEO Colin Digiaro and Chief Creative Officer Ben Blank, Woven is a pop culture-focused digital media and content company that's home to guy-friendly brands such as Uproxx, BroBible, Dime Magazine, and most recently, HitFix.

It's presenting its new slate to advertisers tonight, capping off the first week of the Digital Content NewFronts.

In person, Digiaro and Blank are laid back, engaging guys who are passionate about their work and confident in Woven's ability to capture this notoriously hard-to-reach audience. Woven claims half of 18- to 34-year-old men have visited the network of sites, which boasts 60 million monthly unique visitors and 120 million monthly video views. Its recent acquisition of popular entertainment news site HitFix will only add to that number.

Woven produces a myriad of digital series for Uproxx. The ad-supported episodes are typically 5-to-10 minutes, focusing on a range of topics like science and tech (Luminaries), music (Uncharted), sports (Underbelly) and stories of inspiration (Human). Digiaro and Blank made it clear that millennial males have varied interests, and that these short docuseries allow sophisticated young guys to tell their personal stories and show off their talents and passions.

Woven has partnered with Honda, Toyota and MillerCoors in the past, and this fall, it will partner with Forbes for the launch of Forbes Founders, a new video series centered around unique stories of millennial entrepreneurs.

"We develop shows and share stories that are many times overlooked by traditional media outlets," said Blank. "Partnering with Forbes to find and highlight some of the most intelligent and intriguing millennial entrepreneurs out there allows us to continue pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling."

Woven and Forbes collaborated to identify and feature interesting, smart and capable millennial entrepreneurs who want to change the way people live and succeed, now and in the future.

"Forbes Media is always looking for new and unique ways to engage with its audience," said Tom Davis, Chief Marketing Officer at Forbes Media. "The Forbes Founders video series is aligned with our mission to share interesting stories of success and highlight what entrepreneurs do with that success."

The Forbes Founders series is the newest addition to the Woven Digital Original series slate, and will begin airing in Fall 2016 on Uproxx, Forbes and other Woven Digital properties.

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