Enterprise Companies Choosing Twitter Over Facebook [REPORT]

Enterprise companies have to deal with the balance between happy employees who get to update their statuses on their lunch breaks, and enhancing productivity by blocking Facebook and Twitter altogether. And according to a recent report, companies are targeting Facebook while silently accepting that their employees are going to tweet.

Zscaler’s cloud security division ThreatLabZ released their State of the Web report for the first quarter of 2012.

They found that Facebook is still the dominant social network among companies – however, use is declining at a rate of 2.8 percent per quarter since the first quarter of 2011. Since then, Facebook use has fallen from 52 percent of all enterprise web traffic to 41 percent, with Twitter picking up some of the difference.

Twitter’s total market share of all web traffic among enterprise companies rose from 6.39 percent in Q1 2011 to 7.44 percent in Q1 2012.

Part of the reason that Facebook use is on the decline and Twitter is on the rise is corporate policy. Many enterprises are blocking Facebook due to its privacy policy or its dent in employee productivity. Twitter seems to have been at the very least overlooked or even condoned by many companies in this report.

The report’s authors note that Twitter stands out as a network that has yet to be targeted by companies’ firewalls and blocking software:

“Zscaler has noticed a general upward trend in Twitter traffic over time, suggesting that it is becoming a more widely adopted resource for employees as a broader range of people have begun leveraging the service.”

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