Companies: Fleeting. Fireworks: Forever (at least for now)


Last year Adobe announced that it would be buying up Macromedia, which, like most formal announcements by gigantic corporations, happened. Was there concern that Adobe, now that it essentially owns 98% of the design world kill off Macromedia products that weren’t Flash or Dreamweaver? Or that Adobe, the original creators of FreeHand, which was later killed off and picked back up by Macromedia, use this opportunity to kill the same product twice? Maybe. But there was a little light this week on the Adobe forums, when a Project Manager for Fireworks came on and said:

Fireworks continues to be an important product to the combined Macromedia/Adobe portfolio and is actively under product development for a yet-to-be announced product release. I’m incredibly excited to lead that front as the Product Manager.

We know that for many years Fireworks has been an integral part of your workflow with Dreamweaver and Flash. It will be our goal in the Product Development team to preserve all of the features you value in Fireworks 8 while developing a more cohesive solution with the Adobe Creative product line.

We will be relying on you in the Fireworks Design and Development community to help us shape the direction of those product enhancements by way of end user customer visits and pre-release testing.

So if you’re one of those faithful Fireworks followers out there, or even an occasional friendly user, not to worry; your baby is alive and well.