Community Writing Can Get You Published

There are few things in life I find intimidating. Among them: skydiving, chef Gordon Ramsey and writing a novel. Though not necessarily in that order. Actually, yes, exactly in that order. Let’s take the last one first.Back in the day, sitting down to write a book was an even scarier proposition. Without the Internet and massive bookstore chains, the odds of getting published were much lower than today. Thankfully, writing hopeful, the vehicles in which one can share their written works has multiplied exponentially.

One such service is WEbook, a community that wants to publish your collaborative work. Aspiring authors can come together to write – offering constructive feedback along the way. Completed works can earn revenue through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major e-tailers. The best of the best will be published (by WEbook, using real trees and ink) with the collaborators sharing in book-sale royalties.

WEbook is free to use. They’d like you to think of the online community as a “virtual studio lounge for writers.”

What are you waiting for? Go tell your story, add on to someone else’s story, be a critic or tell a tale with a friend.

You CAN write a book..with a little help from afar.

Now back two my other two fears: skydiving and chef Gordon Ramsey. I’m confident that I can avoid them for the rest of my life. Plus, the novel thing has a better payout!