Community Pages, TV, Movies, Games, Banks and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Some Page consolidations occurred over the past week, resulting in some interesting appearances on our list of Pages growing by Likes this week. This includes the Hockey Page, reality TV shows, a Turkish quote Page and more. Pages on our list this week required 413,800 and 3.7 million Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.  Hockey1,565,287+461+1,458,317
2.  Aventura2,338,059+8,746+791,700
3.  Agatha Christie797,202+253+788,683
4.  Capital One2,347,250+19,292+772,604
5.  Mario661,328+1,480+658,994
6.  Lamborghini632,601+4,315+607,201
7.  Lutti [Officiel]636,686+205+445,529
8.  NatGeo3,586,195+68,219+440,706
9.  Tia & Tamera430,149+636+417,879
10.  Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
11.  Neighbours415,587+132+401,415
12.  Facebook53,176,681+86,097+360,080
13.  Anlamlı Sözler1,126,660+1,962+356,902
14.  Transformers9,027,855+18,831+334,530
15.  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake!445,3510+333,025
16.  Texas Hold’em Poker50,633,768+43,372+309,393
17.  Angry Birds7,834,208+46,516+298,669
18.  FC Barcelona20,720,997+41,569+274,645
19.  Harry Potter34,990,468+41,408+274,470
20.  Music28,155,731+37,615+274,162

Community Pages on our list this week included Hockey with 1.4 million Likes to 1.5 million and Mario, the popular Nintendo character, with 659,000 Likes to 661,300 this week. Both of these Pages seemed to grow as a result of Page consolidations. Music grew by 274,200 Likes to reach 28.1 million.

TV shows on the list this week included NatGeo with 440,700 Likes to reach 3.5 million; the Page is currently promoting a popular show about body image in Latin America. Then “Tia & Tamera” grew by 417,900 Likes to 430,200; the growth on the reality TV show Page seemed to be a Page consolidation. The same was true for the Australian TV show “Neighbours” which took a huge jump in the past week of 401,400 Likes to reach 415,600 Likes. Movies on the list included “Titanic” with 409,500 Likes to reach 13.4 million, “Transformers” which grew 334,500 to pass 9 million Likes partially due to a contest and the upcoming release of the DVD of the movie and then “Harry Potter” grew by 274,500 Likes to reach 34.9 million.

There were also a pair of games whose Pages made the list, Texas Hold’em Poker grew by 309,400 Likes to 50.6 million and Angry Birds by 298,700 Likes to 7.8 million.

A mixed bag of the rest of the Pages included musicians, writers, football clubs, cars and candy. Aventura, a band, grew by 791,700 Likes to 2.3 million. Agatha Christie, the writer, grew by 788,700 to 787,200 Likes, most of it during the past week, seemingly a Page consolidation. Capital One’s Page grew by 772,600 Likes to 2.3 million, perhaps due in some part to its new Zynga integration? There was the Lamborghini Page, which grew 607,200 Likes to 632,600 in the past week (another consolidation?), candy Page  Lutti [Officiel] which grew 445,500 Likes in the past week to 636,700 Likes, the Page seemingly was just created. Facebook’s Page grew 360,100 likes to 53.1 million. A Turkish Page about quotes, Anlamlı Sözler, grew 356,900 Likes to 1.1 million and seemed to be another consolidation. The facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! Page grew 333,000 Likes to 445,400 (even though it actually is obviously a fake). Finally, FC Barcelona grew 274,600 Likes to 20.7 million.