Comments Of The Week: Morning Journal Editor Tom Skoch

The week is barely half over but we’ve already figured out our choice for comment of the week–it’s from the Morning Journal editor Tom Skoch, whose letter to bloggers we picked up yesterday.

Skoch’s comment is reproduced in full below (part of it is after the jump, so do click through).

Rachel, your post falls far short of presenting an accurate view of what is happening in our Community Media Lab at The Morning Journal. I wish you had contacted me before writing. This is the start of a positive and powerful change in the dynamic between reader and news organization. It is only one facet of how we and all the other Journal Register Company publications are bringing the reader from the “outside” right into the news process.

Media lab bloggers don’t replace staff reporters or stringers, they complement what our regular staff or stringers do, and they add independent voices to the local news scene. We help them to get started, but we do not preview, edit or tell them what to write about. Their blogs are their own.
I’d invite people to take a look at our media lab for themselves at Also, take a look at the bigger picture of what Journal Register Company is doing in its digital first approach that is native to the Internet and the changes the Net has brought in our society.
Tom Skoch, editor, The Morning Journal,, Lorain, OH