Comments give readers a voice

Most online news sites let readers leave comments on stories, commentary, etc. This interaction allows site visitors to have an interactive discussion with others who are passionate about the story and makes most commenters feel like their voice is being heard. The problem is their voices aren’t literally being heard.

Phone services that users can call and speak their mind brings a new dynamic to online interaction. The audio files can be used for podcasts, interactive galleries, and more. Think of it as a radio call in show that doesn’t have to be manned. Sites like Ring Central and Access Direct make it easy for anyone to setup an 800 number that can be made public. A phone services is also a great way to get feedback from computer phobes or those who may not have immediate access to the internet. Apple recently used the technology get feedback from iPhone users.

WordPress users also have the option of installing an Evoca widget that lets site visitors use their computer mic rather than a telephone to leave comments. The audio files are stored on Evoca’s servers and can be linked to with a bit of HTML code.