Readers Question Vanity Fair ‘Powers That Be’

It’s one of two lists put forth in the November issue of Vanity Fair under the annual heading of “The New Establishment.”

The Powers That Be” ranks 25 “members of the power elite [who] demonstrate why they’re not going anywhere soon.” At press time, pretty much all readers who have taken the time to comment have a problem with the list, crowned by cover boy Jay Z and Beyoncé:

DentonFisk: Wow. What a dearth of talent! If this is the best the USA has to offer, we’re done. Most are celebrities for celebrity’s sake. These are the crypt keepers…

Texas Girl: Could somebody… anybody… make Jay Z and Beyonce go away???

Notable media folks on “The Powers That Be” list include Rupert Murdoch (#5), Jill Abramson (#8), Matt Drudge (#15) and Politico’s Mike Allen (#23).

As we’ve already pointed out to incoming digital director Mike Hogan (he starts next Monday), there would be a lot more reader comments on if the magazine opened up that portion of the site. The VF/Conde Nast registration process is actually very quick and simple, but alas that’s still too much for most people to bother with. (Or at least, for the most part it seems, the majority of those who might have something nicer to say.)

And… if you’ve never satellite-perused Drudge’s main Miami compound, there’s some useful info to that effect in the comments as well.

Correction (5:00 p.m.):
An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred in the headline to “The Disrupters” list. That compilation is an entirely different one (50 individuals), crowned by Jeff Bezos. FishbowlNY regrets the error.