Commenters Create Flash Community in Response to Tragedy

Fans of the Cramp’s Lux Interior found solace last week on the blog that broke the news of his passing, posting hundreds of emotional comments in an outpouring of grief and admiration. The Daily Swarm’s RIP Lux Interior blog post attracted tens of thousands of visits as the word spread among Lux’s global fan base. Commenters gave the post a life of its own, and in doing so created the first social media destination for fans of The Cramps.

Daily Swarm’s Breaking News Comments Create Community

“In a time of need, community will spring up around a blog post if another community place is not established” says David Prince, Editor and Founder of the Daily Swarm. People attracted to the Daily Swarm by the breaking news found an outlet for expression through commenting. The Cramps did not have a web site with social media features or a social network profile page for fans to turn to. Suddenly, their strong voice found an outlet that turned into a flash community around the post – many as first time visitors to the site – with hundreds of commenters filling the page with long heartfelt comments.

“#344 Jim says:

My 17 year old son texted me these exact words: “Lux Interior died yesterday.” I just could not believe it. Saw them once in Dallas at the Gypsy Ballroom around 2005 or 2006. Still have the ticket stub. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Please God no. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ivy who must be devastated. Heart disease took him at 62 years of age. He must have been sick for awhile. How truly awful and depressing. Cramps music will live forever.”

Lux’s mourners creating a flash community shows how meaningful social media can be to in times of need. We have been covering the rising influence of commenters . The Lux Interior “flash community” on the Daily Swarm shows how commenters can create a new social media entities online that eclipse the post that originates them, using social media features to create a unique online destination.

All Facebook experienced a commenter pseudo-revolt last week in response to Nick O’Neil’s “Say Goodbye to Twitter” post, prompting Nick to post a FB Tweet blueprint for how Facebook’s new status API can be used to build a “Twitter Killer”.

R.I.P. Lux Interior of the Cramps

October 21st 1945 to February 4th 2009

Lux Interior is the essence of this post.

Please take a moment to read on of his lyrics…

“Hey, I’m on my way…on a journey out of this world”

…and experience on of his performances.