Coming to AT&T: Android Phone w/3D Camera & Windows Phone w/Copy+Paste. Hmm

Even a Windows Phone fan like me can’t help but see the irony in this new pair of phones heading to AT&T.
LG Thrill 4G with 3D display, HTC HD7S Windows Phone headed to AT&T
On one hand we have the LG Thrill 4G Android-powered (OS 2.2 not 2.3) phone with a glasses-free 3D display and 3D camera. On the other hand we have the HTC HD7S powered by Windows Phone 7 which will ship with the NoDo update that adds the long awaited copy/paste feature. Which one will generate more interest? I wonder 🙁
That said, I’d glad to see another 3D camera option available for the U.S. consumer.