Coming to A TV Near You: Clickable Moments

Gray Television, which owns 36 TV stations across the country, will soon begin deploying Backchannelmedia‘s Clickable TV solution.

TVNewsday reports the deal will expand Clickable TV to 68 television stations, or about 16.7% of U.S. television households.

Here’s how it works: viewers click on “bugs” at the bottom of the TV screen with their remote control. This bookmarks the content to the viewer’s private Web portal or e-mail address which can then be accessed through any Web browser.

What viewers should know is that clicks are tracked and the data is collected to create engagement metrics for advertisers. But Backchannelmedia adds Clickable TV is free from behavioral targeting and gives consumers the control to manage their data.

“We spent several months researching the technical feasibility and consumer appeal of Backchannelmedia’s clickable television,” said Robert S. Prather Jr., president of Gray Television. “We are excited by the prospects of utilizing our digital spectrum to not only potentially launch a new revenue stream but also to engage our viewers in such a powerful way.”