Coming soon on your Facebook account – CONNECT to the world

facebook_logo.gifThat may be a bit of an exaggeration for the new feature that Facebook just announced. But hey, that’s just what the new Facebook feature would actually want to do – open up our Facebook account to connect directly to the rest of the Web 2.0 world. So, while we wait for this feature’s full implementation, let’s take a look at the skinny of this new Facebook feature.

First, Facebook Connect t will let you connect with any partner website using a trusted authentication method. You will be given total control of which application you would grant permission to access your Facebook account. So I guess, that pretty much takes care of this new feature’s security concern.facebookconnect.png
Next, Facebook Connect will make you bring your real names and real identities wherever you go on the web. These identities include your profile information, profile picture, real name, friends, photos, events, groups and more. So, you are actually opening up yourself for the whole of the web. Is that good or not? It depends on you.

Then Facebook Connect will help you stay connected with your friends and family. When you connect to the “world” you don’t only bring yourself but your Facebook friends as well. Whether this is a good or bad feature, again depends on you. If you were my Facebook friend, I would kindly ask you to take me out of your Facebook Friend’s list at once. (Just kidding!)

Finally, as you go about your usual web surfing activity and as you connect your Facebook profile to the world, you would also be bringing your privacy settings with you. So, that when you update your profile picture on your Facebook account, that change is dynamically reflected on the external websites connected to your Facebook account. Nice! Suddenly, your social networking world had shrunk!

If you’re excited about this new Facebook feature, sadly you have to wait until it is fully implemented, as this was just announced for implementation and we all know that the announcement was made to counter MySpace’s recent announcement on Data Portability features. Perhaps the Facebook developers are pretty much up on their toes right now trying to expedite the implementation of this new feature. Good luck to us all!