Coming Soon: Music “Subscription” Bundles

nokia_comeswithmusic.jpgWe’ve been following the decline of the record industry, and the controversy over digital downloads and DRM, because of its tremendous impact on mobile media. Whatever shakes down with regard to online music purchases directly affects cell phones, since it governs whether or not you can buy a song online and then play it on your cell phone.

The Associated Press has an overview of what’s coming down the pike from the music labels, with the overriding theme being “when you’re not inclined to give your product away for free, make your customers believe they’re getting something for nothing.”

Among the business models music fans are likely to see more of, according to the report: music subscriptions bundled with the price of Internet access, and services like Nokia Corp.’s upcoming Comes With Music, which would give users of select mobile phones a year’s worth of unlimited access to music, for no extra charge.

Is technology, once the music industry’s enemy, now a lifeline? [AP via CNN]