COMING SOON: More Ways To Earn Facebook Credits By Watching Video Ads

Facebook's partnership with TrialPay's DealSpot expands the reward program from in-game advertising to site-wide opportunities to receive Credits in exchange for watching video ads.

Facebook has deepened its partnership with TrialPay, whose DealSpot system rewards people with Credits for watching video commercials.

The two had initially partnered in February to do in-game advertising with participating developers. Now this partnership expands sitewide.

Like blogger Josh Constine writes:

Video providers Sharethrough, EpicSocial, SocialVibe, and SupersonicAds will be the first companies to have their videos shown in Facebook’s sidebars as well as games via DealSpot.

Facebook says the goal of the expanded partnership is to help game developers monetize a higher percentage of their users by educating users about how to earn and spend Credits and getting more of them to carry a balance of the virtual currency.

Facebook and TrialPay will offer a premium version of DealSpot to developers that exclusively use Credits as in-game currency.

This offering marks the fourth incentive announced by Facebook to reward developers that choose Credits as their sole form of payment within applications.

The other three incentives offered for exclusive use of Credits are:

    GetBalance: shows in real time the amount of Credits a user has in their account.
    Buy With Friends: lets users share Credit-driven discounts with their friends inside a game.
    Frictionless Credits: lets people make small purchases — worth less than 30 Credits — without having to leave a game’s user interface.

When combined with the other Credits incentives, DealSpot has the potential for very precise targeting of users.

As the incentives for developers who embrace Credits exclusively continue to grow in number, eventually these enticements together will make it almost a no-brainer for companies to go all-Credits.

And the more Credit exclusive agreements Facebook can nail, the greater the ease the social network will have in getting all the other developers on its platform to accept Credits by the July 1 deadline.

Readers, what sorts of possibilities do you see in the expanded DealSpot offering as a motivator for Credits exclusives?