Coming Soon: Interacting with The Donald?

The godfather of reality TV, Mark Burnett, has announced that he has partnered with Los Angeles-basd, meaning anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device will be able to interact with all kinds of juicy reality programs.

Well good. How can a devotee sit through an episode of Celebrity Apprentice without asking his or her entire  network, “Is it just me or is Ivanka a cardboard cut-out???”

Tech companies and viewers have already shown their interest in ways to make TV social. Interactive TV is the new model for marketers whose progress in reaching television viewers has been severely hampered by that enemy, the DVR. Consumers who download the apps and interact with TV shows are rewarded with exclusive content, special offers, and coupons.

Burnett, veteran of 23 seasons of Survivor, as well as the brain behind The Voice, The  Apprentice, and more may have some real goodies up his sleeve. He  also produced the 2011 Emmy Awards and has been producer of the MTV Movie Awards since 2007.’s founder/CEO Brian Shuster is mum until after the holidays on what shows will have apps developed.

“It’s top secret for now but we can tell you our fist show app has already been approved by Apple for their platform,” he said in a company FAQ.