Coming Soon: Epic Chef

New competition series from the dudes behind YouTube hit Epic Meal Time

Described by some as the Jackass of the food category, Epic Meal Time has developed a hefty YouTube following: 2.8 million subscribers, and over 460 million views. Now, the overfed guys behind the show and its extreme recipes—like breakfast lasagna and Indian tex-mex—are looking to get even beefier.

Coming this November is Epic Chef, a new competition series from the team behind Meal Time, led by creator Harley Morenstein and Collective Digital Studio (Fred, The Annoying Orange), the show’s new production and distribution partner.

Epic Chef will feature a pair of chefs who will be given a collection of incongruous mystery ingredients (think candy bars, sausages and sardines), and 60 minutes to make an epic-esque meal. The contestants will include a mix of Top Chef stars and cooks pulled from roadside diners—and the contestant’s work will be judged by an all-star panel of celebrity chefs.

The first epsiodes of Epic Chef will pop up on both and the Epic Meal Time YouTube channel by late November.

Explained Reza Izad, partner at The Collective: “They’re already operating at a very high level. They have a brand. They’re at this forefront of guy-oriented food, shows like Man vs. Food. We’re just trying to tap into that viewer more and produce about two to three more shows a week.”