Coming to a Freezer Near You: PR from the Frozen Food Section?

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Because even the frozen pork rinds need love

DYK that there has been a shortage in the frozen food section?

Evidently, it has grown to Hungry-Man XXL proportions because the entire frozen food industry believes it has an image problem. It could be America’s push to eat healthy. Possibly, farm-to-table is to blame. Maybe, it is because of all those shows Food Network keeps creating forcing at-home cooks to believe they can be the next Emeril Lagasse.

Whatever the case, the American Frozen Food Institute has decided to invest in a “multi-year, multimillion dollar PR campaign.” Oh, it’s real. It’s very real. 

According to the AP (told you it was real), sales are bottoming out throughout the entire industry. To wit, the AFFI wants “to defend the nutritional reputation of their products.” So, yeah, good luck with that.

The push will include what are said to be the first national TV ads on behalf of the industry as a whole, as well as social media and in-store promotions. Between 2009 and last year, U.S. sales of frozen meals are down 3 percent at $8.92 billion, according to Euromonitor International. The market researcher is forecasting a decline of another 2 percent this year.

Kraig Naasz, president of the American Frozen Food Institute, confirmed that the industry trade group plans to launch the “multiyear, multimillion dollar” campaign in early May.

He declined to provide details but said the thrust of the campaign would be to educate people that the freezing process is just a way to hit the “pause button” to lock in the nutrients, quality and taste of fresh food. It’s the biggest marketing push on behalf of the industry to date and the first to include national TV ads, according to the American Frozen Food Institute.

MEMO to the AFFI: Instead of wasting your money on a PR and image campaign, you may want to consider hiring new brand experts because some folk in the industry currently suck out loud. As a favor, here are some other reasons why there may be an image problem in the frozen food section. Enjoy.


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