Comic Strip Generator Makes Everyone An Illustrator

toonletI’ve always been forced to express myself through writing. It’s not because I’m amazing at it, but it’s because the alternatives are much, much worse.

My singing is scary.
My dancing leaves my arms out of the mix.
And my drawing is stalled at stick figures.

Thanks to comic-strip generator Toonlet, I now have another outlet to express myself: cartoons that take zero illustration talent.Much like the Simpson’s character generator, Toonlet characters are created body part by body part via Adobe Flash. From the shape of the head to robotic arms to facial hair – hundreds of options lead to tens of thousands of variations.

Once a character is created they can be saved (registration is free) and you’re on your way to your very own comic strip – complete with reoccurring characters.

Feeling glum? Happy? Nervous? Emotion presets let you change your characters range of emotion with a single click.

Each panel within the comic strip can be colored, giving the comic an authentic look and feel.

Comics can be embedded on your Website or blog or shared through e-mail.

What sets Toonlet apart from similar Websites is that comics you create are treated like forum posts, allowing people to respond to your comic strip, with one of their own.

Here’s a sample strip. A pathetic example that I created just to show you what can be done in two minutes.


A fun way to express yourself, sans artistic talent.

Website discovered via Webware.