Comic Publishers Weigh In On iPad


As we said earlier this week, eBookNewser is very curious about how comic publishers will take advantage of iPad. The other day, Publishers Weekly‘s comics experts Calvin Reid and Heidi MacDonald published a roundup of impressions from various comics publishers.

Here’s an excerpt:

Top Shelf publisher Chris Staros said, “It’s probably going to have a significant effect over the long term, as many of the things we publish can now be read in a comparable size to the actual physical books.” Top Shelf is already at work on applications for the iPod and the iPad and Staros believes the device will spur sales of physical graphic novels, noting that the “art object nature of graphic novels will keep them in print for many years to come, and, in fact, it’s very possible that the digital delivery of them may even increase the demand for printed versions. Time will tell.”

Click over to the article for me. Suffice it to say that the combination of Apple’s powerful distribution platform (the App Store) and a bigger screen is good news for comics publishers and readers.