Comic-Con Underway in San Diego

It’s Comic-Con time in San Diego, perhaps the last time the giant geek convention will be held in that city. We here at FBLA were going to swing by to cover the event on our way back from Mexico, but we realized at the last second we left our Locutus of Borg costume at home. We would have felt naked without it.
In our stead, the LA Times’ “Hero Complex” bloggers are doing a nice job covering the scene. A few days ago they tracked down Superbad writing team Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for some advice on how to get by at Comic-Con.

1. Wear way more deodorant than you think you need.
2. Guys, don’t assume you can use the girls bathroom. There’s chicks at Comic-Con now!
3. Beware of extremely chilled-out dudes. San Diego is chock full of them.
4. Apparently they’re having some comic book stuff there this year. If you can find it among all the movie booths, check it out.
5. Do not, under any circumstances, unsheathe your sword.