Comic-Con 2011 Is Really, Really Sorry

Believe it or not, online registration for Comic-Con 2011 was officially scheduled to begin Monday, November 1st. That’s not a typo; apparently, pent-up demand for the annual orgy of good guys-bad guys pop culture now warrants flicking the switch a full eight months before next summer’s July 21-24 edition.

However, mirroring a bad superhero movie plot twist, evil bad guy Gremlin swooped down on the SDCCI URL sometime yesterday and sabotaged the advance ticketing app. In response, rather than posting the equivalent of a William Shatner SNL “Get a life” retort, organizers of the event addressed the glitch with a full dose of solemnity.


We are really sorry for the problems with registration today. We do not know what the technical issues are, so we have temporarily closed registration. We will announce on Monday, November 8th, the new date and time that registration will re-open… Only a handful of badges were actually sold today [Monday].

Wait just a Marvel minute… Some people actually managed to squeak in a 2011 conference ticket purchase before evil Gremlin’s plan came to fruition? A tip of the hat to you, good sir(s) and-or madam(s). You are, officially, the king(s) and-or queen(s) of SoCal comic book fandom.