Comes With Music Comes With Sony BMG

Sony BMG has agreed to add its catalog to Nokia’s supposedly free, unlimited Comes With Music program, which will give consumers access to the music service for 12 months when they buy a Nokia Comes With Music Device.

nokia_comeswithMusic.jpgUntil now, Nokia only had Universal signed up for the service that’s scheduled to launch sometime in the second half of the year.

According to Pocket-lint, users will be able to download tunes from the Nokia Music Store to both a phone and a PC and will be allowed transfer their downloaded tracks from their original device to a new one if they decide to upgrade after that initial year.

Of course, keeping all those tethered downloads after the free year comes with a price; users can choose to purchase individual tracks or sign up for a subscription-based unlimited service.

Reports have been floating around that Universal’s payment for participating is somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 for each Comes With Music device Nokia sells. If Sony BMG and other labels that sign up get a similar deal, you have to wonder how Nokia will make any money on the handsets. Nokia, however, says rumors of the per-handset deal are false.