Comes With More Than Music?

nokia_comes_with_music_lowres.jpgIn a morning CTIA keynote at Billboard’s Mobile Entertainment Live, MocoNews reports, Nokia’s Tero Ojanpera, EVP of entertainment and communities, took the stage to discuss a number of Nokia’s upcoming content initiatives—but dove deep into its recently announced “Comes With Music” service, in which consumers will get unlimited music downloads for a year with the purchase of a phone, from all four major labels. But could this service extend to video as well?

The report said that when asked about whether the “Comes With Music” business model could be transfered over to other content, Ojanpera said: “I think it’s hard to say that, even though we at Nokia have to be forward leaning, it’s not yet fully in the marketplace. I can say with high confidence that preparations are going well, and we are finalizing the device range, and what markets we will launch, and we are supporting it with 10s of millions of dollars behind the marketing.

“We now focus on the music, and will other forms of content fit to the model? Gaming is now transactional, so I’m not yet sure. We’ve had some discussions that maybe video will fit into this category, but this has to be studied from a consumer standpoint.”

Given Nokia’s already-existing, if long delayed N-Gage platform for mobile gaming, and the fact that they’ve made a big deal about using their cell phones as both blogging tools and video recorders, we think Nokia has its eye on Apple’s iTunes Store for more than just music.