Comedy Central Adds Another Fake News Anchor

Comedy Central has officially become the bizarro-version of CNN. Because aside from a few episodes of South Park and some Futurama reruns, they aren’t putting out much else besides fake news these days. Today the network announced the greenlighting of a third fake news show — “Jon Benjamin Has a Van.” Starring successful voice actor and writer Jon Benjamin, the show will run for 10 episodes and be shot in faux-TV-newsmagazine-style.
Funny or Die is attached to help produce the series — which we hope is more for name value than anything else. Because although we love the website, the two episodes of “Funny or Die Presents” we saw on HBO were really, really, really not very good.
Press release after the jump.

NEW YORK, July 12, 2010 — First he had a van, now Jon Benjamin has a show. COMEDY CENTRAL has picked-up “Jon Benjamin Has a Van,” and placed a 10-episode series order for the sketch comedy series, it was announced today by Kent Alterman, head of original programming and production, COMEDY CENTRAL. The new series is slated to begin production in the fall and is scheduled to premiere in summer 2011.
Executive produced by Jon Benjamin, Andrew Steele and Funny or Die, and produced by Absolutely Productions, “Jon Benjamin Has a Van” stars the recently Emmy-nominated Benjamin (“Archer,” “Important Things with Demetri Martin”) as an investigative reporter who hits the streets and puts his unique twist on the traditional human interest story in this newsmagazine-style sketch show. Whether going undercover, being the man-on-the-street or participating in reenactments, Benjamin will do whatever it takes to get the stories to the people. His custom van will ensure that he delivers it in style.
“Jon Benjamin has always been a very good driver. Outfitting him with a brand new van, with automatic transmission and filled with video recording equipment, will really allow his creativity to flourish,” said Alterman.
“Not since de Tocqueville has there been a more insightful look into the fabric of America and the people who live in it and I’m not just saying that because I read that book and you didn’t. Anyway, if you hate everything French, there’s a shot you will love this show,” said Benjamin.
“We see this opportunity as one more step in our long march to take over the entertainment industry,” added Funny or Die.
H. Jon Benjamin has garnered an extensive list of credits as a writer, producer and actor in some of television’s most entertaining series. Benjamin is perhaps best known for providing the voice of suave master spy “Sterling Archer” in the FX animated, half-hour comedy “Archer,” which premiered last fall, and for which he just received an Emmy Award nomination, as well as the voice of Dr. Katz’s lazy son Ben in the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning animated series “Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist,” which aired on COMEDY CENTRAL from 1995-1999. Benjamin’s history with COMEDY CENTRAL also includes the animated series “Freak Show” (2006), which Benjamin co-created with David Cross and provided the voice of “Tuck,” along with “Important Things with Demetri Martin,” a sketch comedy show that ran for two seasons in which he served as a writer and co-producer and appeared as numerous characters. Benjamin’s credits include: “Home Movies” for Cartoon Network; “Family Guy” for FOX; and “Assy McGee,” “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and “The Venture Bros.” for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.