Come2Play Has Created a White Label Social Gaming Platform

We have all seen the rise in social networks over the past few years. Everyone is jumping on the band wagon, and with the number of tools out there, creating a social network has become easier than ever! However, one of the most promising areas of innovation and business traction within social networking is gaming. That’s where the Come2Play comes… well, into play.

Come2Play is a white label platform for creating your own social gaming network. While some branded networks already exist, Come2Play offers a solution for anyone that wants to form a gaming network either independently or as a gaming channel that is part of a bigger business. Similar Ning (a popular social network building web tool), Come2Play not only allows anyone to create a network but also offers a very granular level of customization, thus allowing for truly unique experiences.

The best part about Come2Play, however, is the ability to easily integrate game channels into your network Each of these channels typically includes a game gallery, play rooms supporting up to 80 players, chat, virtual rewards (opening up the opportunity for microtransactions), and more.

Not only is integrating game channels quick and easy, but there are 22 “standard” social games available as soon as you finish the process (i.e. checkers, chess, etc.). All of these are capable of supporting advertisements before, during, and after the game, and revenue is shared (50/50 with ad rotation) between the would-be network and Come2Play.

There have been over 40 million games played on Come2Play to date, with an average of 8 minutes a game. These numbers allow for a tremendous amount of ad revenue, and show that much more growth is possible.

In addition to the “standard” games, Come2Play also supports third party games. As expected, it allows for easy integration, but these independently created games will receive 100% of the ad revenue they generate. This is a great opportunity for developers to earn more revenue for new games.

In addition to using your own games, the level of customization for your network (as well as the “standard” games) is phenomenal. Everything can be changed! This not only includes the game channel, but even the games themselves. As would be expected, the look of the network can be easily changed, but you can also change the coding language, game tokens, sound effects, and more. It is even possible to choose where game play takes place (within your channel or across the Come2Play network).

Come2Play has not only created a means to easily develop a social gaming network, but it has also created a market for game developers to gain great distribution. The future looks bright for Come2Play.