Come One, Come All to the Mediabistro Circus

circus.jpgGo over to your Pentagram Design Calendar and flip to the month of May. And then, on May 20th, right after “Bronson Pinchot‘s Birthday!” add the following: Mediabistro Circus, a just-announced conference from the good people who keep the lights on here at UnBeige. It’s a circus of the media kind: light on the lion tamers and heavy on the in-depth discussion of “technology and critical platforms changing the flow of media.” And unlike most such confabs, this one is geared toward those who create and shape content as well as the senior execs who manage it. Topics to be covered include online video, social networking, blogging, and user experience design.

Among the confirmed speakers (circus performers?) is Paul Cloutier, founder and CEO of 8020 Publishing, the company behind the reader-created magazines JPG and Everywhere. Others slated to address the crowd at New York’s Skylight Studios include Revision 3 CEO Jim Louderback, blog guru Anil Dash, and John Wiley, a user experience designer for Google Apps. Our fingers are crossed that the one and only Laurel Touby (founder of will act as ringmaster, because nothing looks better with a feather boa than a top hat and a whip. Meanwhile, we’ve got our hearts set on manning the cotton candy concession.