Come Meet the Many David Carsons


David Carson’s got the kind of bio that makes you okay with where you are in life, because, frankly, he’s another person who must actually be eighteen identical twins, each of whom is cooler and more talented than the last, and none of them ever sleep. Otherwise, how is there to explain a man like Carson who has just done so much amazing stuff? If you’re in Vancouver next week, Thursday the 2nd, 6:30pm, to be specific, at the Art Institute of Vancouver, you yourself can prove true or false our Mulitple Davids Theory (copyright pending). Here’s a little bit on Carson (our favorite is the start of sentence two — of course he was a former professional surfer):

David Carson is the principal of David Carson Design, with offices in New York and Charleston, South Carolina. A former professional surfer, his graphic design work has appeared in over 180 magazine and newspaper articles around the world, including Eye, Idea, The New York Times, The Guardian, Metropolis, The Los Angeles Times, Domas, Wired and Emigre. His book, The End of Print, is the largest selling graphic design monograph of all time, has sold more than 200,000 copies and is printed in five different languages. Newsweek magazine extolled, “Carson has changed the public face of graphic design.”