Comcast ‘Provides’ What May Be The Worst Service Call Ever


There is no secret, no hidden truth, no mystery on this planet that refutes the abysmal customer service that call centers at cable companies provide. It’s like they all hire from the same discount store that shuttles HR rejects from the hotel.

The proposed Comcast and Time Warner merger? That’s a utopia of pleasantry just waiting for America (and one of those brands may vanish this year).  You would think the powers-that-don’t at Comcast would appreciate public perception.

Not when gems like this call to cancel service, which should serve as a crisis communications starter kit. (Oh, please take time to listen to these 10 minutes of bliss.)

Thanks to this story by NPR (and many others swirling the Net), we can say that Comcast officially sucks. I don’t think there’s a PR campaign that can win back the public after what is, arguably, the worst customer service call in the history of ever.

What’s worse for Comcast is that this real call to attempt to cancel service happened to a tech journalist named Ryan Block, the former editor of the tech site Engadget and a product developer at AOL.

In short, we have Block’s wife, Veronica Belmont (another tech writer because why not), calling Comcast to cancel the current service because the household was switching to Astound. Belmont was transferred to the “cancellations” line and handed the phone over to her husband.

NPR calls it “condescending.” Gawker calls it “hellish.” The Verge calls it “a nightmare.” Yahoo calls it “terrorizing.” Flacks who enjoy the various #PRFail, we call it “priceless.”  The contemptible Comcast people have called it quite a bit (although nobody is listening).

They even issued a lengthy mea culpa online and got cute with a tweet:

To that point, they are making the right moves (sort of). The rep, left unnamed for fear of someone keying his car, has been placed on leave, which means he still has his job. Way to go, Comcast. Way to go. And now, on with the good stuff…