Comcast Revamps Its Digital Sales Efforts

Comcast has launched a new sales initiative, Comcast Digital Entertainment, that lets its sales teams package digital ad inventory from across two different divisions. Pairing Comcast Interactive Media (which includes Web-only properties like Fancast and Fandango) and Comcast Entertainment Group (encompassing the Web sites for TV networks like E! and G4) forms an entertainment fan–centric network that in December reached 28 million unique visitors, per comScore.

Buyers can still purchase inventory on individual sites as they have in the past, and cross-platform packages will still be a big focus for Comcast TV sales teams. But the idea is for the new sales strategy to leverage the company’s perhaps underrated digital scale, while making it easier for buyers to execute larger deals, said Scott Schiller, senior vp, advertising sales, Comcast Interactive Media.

“We felt that by aggregating our online properties, we were able to create a unique offering,” he said. “We can deliver entertainment enthusiasts to marketers in a way that offers context and reach. We can help marketers [that] are trying to reach people who spend a lot of money.”

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