Comcast: Our Policies Don’t Discriminate

Comcast filed comments with the FCC claiming that it doesn’t violate net neutrality principles by slowing down traffic to bandwidth-hungry peer-to-peer sites, MediaPost reports. The company claims instead that it does so based on objective factors without considering content or the identity of users–an argument we find to be more than slightly deceptive.

“Comcast’s policies simply are not discriminatory,” the company said in an 81-page document filed this week, according to the report. “Comcast uses purely objective criteria that focus on the effects that all protocols have on network congestion and, correspondingly, its customers’ use of the Internet.”

This could set an ominous precedent for cellular carriers, who already exert too much control over what happens on their networks. For example, other carriers have now followed Verizon’s lead in quietly adding 5GB/month caps to their so-called “unlimited” monthly data plans. If Comcast gets away with filtering content, expect to see the noose tighten further.