E! Puts Another Nail in the Journalism Coffin

We know it’s not hard these days to find discouraging signs of erosion in the journalism profession. But a new contest being sponsored by Comcast and CIROC Vodka has put us in a foul holiday season mood.

Five lucky winners will get to be E! on-air correspondents this New Year’s Eve, co-hosting the festivities from Las Vegas (with Sean Combs), Miami (Kourtney Kardashian), Vail (Taryn Manning), Chicago (Pete Wentz) and New York (TBA). TBA stands for To Be Announced, not some rad new rapper.

Here are the Doomsday details, via CIROC press release:

To enter the “CIROC the New Year” contest, adult consumers must submit an original video showing or explaining why he or she should be selected as one of the official CIROC and E! Entertainment New Year’s Eve correspondents… Unaltered videos must incorporate the phrase “CIROC the New Year” and last no more than two minutes in length. The contest is open now until December 3, 2010. Grand prize winners will be announced on December 10.

E! long ago perfected the art of getting journalists to appear on air for free, doing the talking head bit in exchange for (presumably) profile-boosting PR and-or sideline project plugs. In this case, the network appears to have come up with a clever way to not pay co-correspondent air fare. Bottoms up!