Com2uS triples its social mobile gaming network users in six months

South Korean developer and publisher Com2uS has tripled the size of its mobile social network, the Com2uS Hub. The service now has 30 million subscribers, up significantly from the 10 million it had just six months ago.

The Com2uS’ Hub now has 10 million monthly active users, 2.2 million daily active users and serves 150 million requests a day — impressive figures given that the network is only available via Com2uS games, and isn’t available to to third-party developers. The company is projecting the Com2uS Hub could have almost 50 million registered users by the end of the year if growth continues. 128 Com2uS games support the Com2uS Hub, the most popular of which is the company’s game Tiny Farm, which currently sees over 1 million DAU.

Although in beta since November 2010, the service began to grow quickly after going live officially in September 2011, when Com2uS added the ability to invite new friends and see the games a users’ friends are playing, explains Don Lim, the company’s U.S. general manager. The average Com2uS Hub user has 11 friends, but over 5000 users have added more than 100 friends through the service.

While half the Com2uS Hub’s users are from the company’s home base of South Korea, half are international users, good news for a company that’s trying to establish a broad, global userbase. Although the service started out with most users coming from iOS, as Com2uS has pushed more aggressively onto Android, the balance has shifted recently, explains Lim. At the moment, Android users lead on the platform by a small margin.

Although there are many other mobile social networks competing for users’ attention and dollars, Com2uS isn’t interested in competing with the likes of GREE, DeNA, PlayPhone or even Facebook. Instead, the company’s sole goal for the Com2uS Hub is make playing Com2uS games more fun, explains Lim.

“We don’t necessary feel that we are competing with other big players’ social platforms,” says Lim.  “We don’t open our social platform SDK to 3rd party developers and we have no plans to make it a independent social platform. Com2uS Hub will remain dependent as social gaming feature for Com2uS games only.”

To this end, the Com2uS hub incorporates several unique features aimed at improving a user’s experience with the company’s titles. Users on iOS and Android can interact with one another and do standard things like send messages and chat through the service. However, the Com2uS Hub also includes Hub Club bulletin boards for each game, a feature that allows users that aren’t friends with one-another to ask questions and receive tips from other players.

Com2uS Hub users are able to save their game progress through the service and use cloud-syncing to resume play — similar to Apple’s iCloud, but available on both iOS and Android devices.

“If you played Tiny Farm on iPhone and wanted to continue playing in the new Nexus 7 tablet, all you need is to login to Com2uS Hub and you can continue playing the game from your last saved level,” explains Lim.

Com2uS has 25 titles slated for release in 2012, in addition to the 18 the company has already released. Its newest game, 9 Innings: Pro Baseball was released on July 26, and is currently the No. 9 free iPhone game and the No. 186 top grossing iPhone game, according to our traffic tracking service AppData. Com2uS is a public company, its shares are currently trading at 41,450 KRW ($36.64), giving the company a market cap of 418.1 billion KRW ($369.6 million).