Columnist To Obama: Be Silvio!


Every once in a while people have kooky ideas about the way things ought to be, and today columnist Judy Bachrach of takes the cake. She writes that President Obama’s “problem” is that is he’s not Silvio (as in Berlusconi), Italy’s president.

(Yes, the one with all those prostitute issues.)

So kind of Bachrach, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, to think of FLOTUS where all this Silvio business is concerned. “I don’t mean to say … that becoming Berlusconi would be easy for him or pleasant for Michelle. Still it’s a fact: Being Silvio means you never have to say you’re sorry and – trust me – this Italian prime minister never has,” she writes.

She describes a street scene off the Piazza del Poplo:

“Silvio, they whispered. Silvio is inside! And for a solid hour they stood in the cold, guessing about what he was doing in the hotel. In this instance, they were wrong, however: Out came Gianfranco Fini, the thin, ascetic Mussolini-admirer and Berlusconi ally who heads the Chamber of Deputies, and about whom no one gave a damn. And then…a short, squat man, skin stretched tight as a sheet over cheekbones spray-tanned a memorable orangey-brown. Silvio! Silvio! screamed the crowd. They loved the fresh brown tint of the hair plugs, the newly capped teeth flashing white.”

Read the full column here. Bachrach is a professor of investigative journalism at John Cabot University.