Columbia Journalism School to Reduce Enrollment

The reductions will take "adjustment and patience."

Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism is reducing enrollment and cutting six staffers. The decline in students will take place over the next few years.

A memo from Steve Coll, the school’s dean, explains the reasons behind the admissions change:

The step-down of our class size will continue to take place over the next several years, and most changes brought about by this will be gradual. To date we have managed these adjustments through a series of measures including OTPS budget reductions each of the last two years and not filling all vacant positions, including some faculty vacancies. These steps have been effective but we still need to implement additional changes now, as we prepare for the next school year’s budget. We’ve run out of room to meet our goals with the kinds of methods we’ve used the last two years.

As for the staffing cuts, Coll wrote that he and the HR department are attempting to handle them with “as much generosity and care as we can.”

Coll’s full memo can be found here.