Colt 45 Broadens Its Horizons With Fruit-Flavored Drink Containing 12 Percent Alcohol

Colt 45, which has been traditionally aimed at African-American consumers, is trying to reach a wider audience, including women, with Blast by Colt 45, a drink containing fruit flavors and 12 percent alcohol that is launching next month. The drink has twice the level of alcohol as the original Colt 45, a new spokesperson in the form of Snoop Dogg, and comes with a shot of trouble, treading in the same prickly territory that the high-powered drink Four Loko did.

Four Loko, which also comes in fruit flavors and contains 12 percent alcohol, used to contain caffeine as well. The caffeine was removed after mounting uproar that may have reached its apex when a politician guzzled a couple of cans and then vomited in a doctor’s office on camera. Still, people have raised opposition to the alcohol content. Four Loko continues to see its reputation sullied: a mother has been arrested after her toddler got drunk on the drink, and a lawsuit alleges that a man suffered heart damage after drinking it.

The new target audience for Blast by Colt 45 comes courtesy of Pabst Brewing’s new owners, Daren and Evan Metropoulos, who have watched a hipster revival of Pabst Blue Ribbon increase sales of that fine brew. Daren Metropoulos says marketing of the product will stress responsible drinking and mixing Blast with ginger ale and other beverages. If you’re lucky, that’ll be the signature cocktail at a future PRNewser soiree.