Colson Whitehead Hates Da Kids

0303whitehead.jpgThe next time we see Colson Whitehead, we’re buying him a beer. The Brooklyn-based writer just wrote the best takedown of the McSweeney’s generation we’ve ever seen:

It’s changed a lot. As you may have heard, all the writers are in Brooklyn these days. It’s the place to be. You’re simply not a writer if you don’t live here. Google “brooklyn writer” and you’ll get, Did you mean: the future of literature as we know it? People are coming in from all over. In fact, the physical act of moving your possessions from Manhattan to Brooklyn is now the equivalent of a two-year M.F.A. program. When you get to the other side, they hand you three Moleskine notebooks and a copy of “Blogging for Dummies.” You’re good to go.

Speaking on behalf of Sheepshead Bay, Midwood, Flatbush, Canarsie, Starrett City and all the other ‘hoods outside the hipster Brooklyn nexus, all we can say is amen.