Colorado Daily Goes With ‘Crapper’ Headline

File under: front-page headline editor choices that make you go hmmm.

A 2016 Summer Meeting of U.S. District Attorneys is underway in Boulder, Colo. Or, as the front page of today’s Colorado Daily puts it:


The headline is a reference to the fact that the conference was moved from North Carolina to Boulder in protest of the former’s passage of House Bill 2, which mandates that transgender individuals use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate.

Let’s face it; this is a headline misfire. Not a major one, but certainly, a belittling way to frame the arrival and presence of 35 of the country’s leading courtroom battlers.

Panel discussion topics at the July 28-29 Major County Prosecutors Council include “Managing the Opoid Crisis in Your Jurisdiction” and “Making Data Work to Improve Justice in Your Community.”

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