Color Photo Sharing App: What Do You See If No One Else is Using it Nearby? Not Much

I all but laughed out loud after reading this blog title in Mashable.

Color to Get Major Update, Fix ‘Loneliness’ Problem

The company and product “Color” received tremendous attention and press when it received $41 million in funding for its iPhone and Android picture sharing apps. I installed the Color app on my iPad 2 to see if it would work with it despite being designed specifically for an iPhone (or 4th generaion iPod touch). The app worked as far as I could tell. But, I simply didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. There was no one around me with an iPhone also taking photos with Color. So, the result was screenshot you see to the left. There is just one photo to see – the one I took. I can’t see any other photos or ask the app to show me locations where photos are available. And, no one nearby has posted a photo using Color since I took my one photo with it on Wednesday.

It seemed perfect for iPhone toting flash mobs and little else from my point of view. And, that is why I nearly burst out laughing after seeing Mashable’s title. It looks like other people reached the same conclusion I did and sent that message to Color. I suspect we’ll be seeing a much more interesting version of Color in its first update.