Color Me Confused on “Controversial” Bra Campaign


Politics Daily’s Woman Up, I’m convinced, is Washington, D.C.’s greatest creation. I feel guilty that it has been a few weeks since I’ve looked at it, like a lovely new friend I’ve ignored because I’ve had other, more (and less) important things to do. But I’m drunk on Woman Up. It’s like an episode of “Jersey Shore” — it’s a gift that keeps giving and giving until it yacks all over you.

The headline on a Woman Up story Monday by Donna Trussell declared: My Bra? Color me Furious.

Color me confused. The author is angry because of Facebook’s colorful bra campaign in which women reveal their bra color to raise awareness for cancer and remind other women to get checked. Trussell says it’s all awareness and no action. “Never mind the breasts. Save the women,” she writes. She reveals her own history of ovarian cancer — and also a brooding resentment against those with breast cancer. Those breast cancer women get way more attention (and funding) than those with ovarian cancer, she writes.

She’s got a point on one thing: A luncheon for cancer survivors should not have a spoof on “boobs” for entertainment. Not cool.

But bra colors to raise awareness about breast cancer? Right. Makes me furious, too.

Read the story.