2 Old Pros Reunite at Sports Journalism Class

Retired New York Times sportswriter Dave Anderson and former senior vice president of ABC Sports Jim Spence.

The 1980 “Miracle on Ice” was revisited in a most dynamic way during a recent edition of “Television Sports Today,” the class taught at the College of William and Mary in Virginia by former ABC-TV senior vice president of sports Jim Spence. The class guest Nov. 16 was retired New York Times sportswriter Dave Anderson, 87, who still occasionally contributes to the paper.

Per a nice write-up by Kellen Holtzman of the Virginia Gazette, the two colleagues reminisced about a number of topics, including when Spence asked Anderson to name an all-time favorite assignment. Anderson pointed to covering the 1980 Winter Olympics U.S. hockey team:

“There was so much interest in it,” Anderson said. “It was national pride. It was also such a great upset. They were college kids and they had some very good players, but they had no business beating the Soviet team.” …

Spence watched the Soviet game with four-time Super Bowl champion Lynn Swann, who told him the raucous scene, with 8,500 fans waving American flags to and fro, was more thrilling than any Super Bowl he played in.

During the talk, Anderson also recalled a compliment once paid to him by a fan at a charity golf tournament. “You taught me to read,” the person said.

Image courtesy: New York Daily News