How Do College Students Use Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

They’re the target market of many an energy drink and laptop company, and marketers love getting their hands on data about college students.

This infographic takes a look at how studious late teens and early twenty-somethings use Twitter: the brands they follow, how they tweet and more.

CampusLIVE polled a group of college students about their Twitter use, creating this infographic “Social Media Smackdown: College Edition”.

When it comes to accessing social networks in general, students prefer to sit down and log in – 77 percent say they use laptops or desktop computers to tweet and status update, while only 19 percent use mobile.

On Twitter and Facebook specifically, over half (52 percent) of students polled say they follow or like at least one brand. And nearly the same number (50 percent) also follows or likes a celebrity.

When it comes to Twitter specifically, college students are following the usual suspects: Nike, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, Forever 21, Apple and Facebook. And their most-followed celebrities? These include Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, and Chelsea Handler.

Take a look at the infographic below for the full picture of how college students use Twitter:

(Students on computers image via Shutterstock)