College Student Sends Mixed Message About Apple from Windows Phone 7 Launch

A college student who got into an angry back-and-forth with Steve Jobs ended up going to the Windows Phone 7 launch this week after she “just happened” to win a contest with eight fellow students, CNET reports.

Last month, Long Island University journalism student Chelsea Kate Isaacs contacted the Apple PR department as part of her reporting for a school project. She didn’t hear back from anyone in PR, but somehow ended up getting on Jobs’ bad side. He asked her via e-mail to “please leave us alone.”

Now Isaacs is meeting with Microsoft execs and learning about the company’s products at the phone launch. Microsoft maintains the e-mail tiff had nothing to do with Isaacs’ win.

While at the event Isaacs, pledged objectivity while also saying she wouldn’t buy anything from Apple.

“It’s been a really great challenge and exercise for me to just stay totally in the middle and not be totally biased toward Microsoft because I hate Apple, but I don’t hate Apple,” she told CNET. Then she’s quoted saying that she “just had one bad experience” and is “still going to look at things objectively.”

She added, “I really felt that was unethical and I wouldn’t be comfortable giving a dime,” to Apple by purchasing anything.

Even without the mixed messages, Microsoft probably wouldn’t want to build that relationship further since Isaacs is now making strange webcam videos of herself.

[Image via Valleywag.]