Scott Pelley’s Reply to Visiting Journalism Student: ‘It Ain’t Easy’

Heidi Kronaiz, news editor for South Dakota State University’s The Collegian, has a zippy summary of her time spent in New York at the College Media Association’s Spring National College Media Convention. She was there with eight student newspaper colleagues.

Kronaiz says the workshops she attended, part of an overall slate of 250+ events, were “incredibly beneficial.” She also relates her convention highlight, which took place during the keynote address:

For me, the most influential part of Scott Pelley’s presentation was getting to ask him a question. Some students asked questions that were irrelevant to his presentation, looking to get a story, not advice. Being a journalism major with a broadcast emphasis, I decided to ask Pelley what it would take to land a job on a national news network.

He told me that persistence is key; in order for him to get a job with CBS, he had to apply multiple times. He said that to work in the national news, you have to have fire in the belly and be a great writer. Pelley mentioned that he still works weekends and late hours and that journalism can be hard on a family.

To directly answer my question, he pointed to me and said, “It ain’t easy, but it’s possible.” I do not feel that a student journalist could get much more motivation than that from a professional.

Ha ha. Sounds about right. Also, per Kronaiz’s take on some of the other Pelley questions, there’s nothing wrong with an aspiring professional journalist having some solid self-confidence. We fully expect her to be part of a national network in the near future. Go get ’em!