College Grads Looking to Negotiate Salary? Try & Try Again

job oppsIf you’re a recent college grad and you’re looking to negotiate, by all means go for it. As for the reality?

According to Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, there’s as much flexibility in an entry-level salary “as there is in getting your professor to get your final grade from a B to an A.”In his weekly New York Post column, he adds there’s no harm in trying to negotiate more money. Worst case scenario, you’ll find out the job isn’t negotiable and you’ll end up with the salary with your offered. There are exceptions though especially when the candidate is in high demand. This is more likely to occur in industries like finance and law.

As for benefits, there’s practically no flexibility at all in terms of medical, dental and other. His advice? Focus on salary and if you end up asking for a higher one, “make sure to express enthusiasm for getting the offer in the first place.”