Collecta Searches MySpace Stream in Real-Time

CollectaMySpace.jpgCollecta launched a dedicated vertical for its new combination of its site search platform and MySpace’s real-time API that provides real-time feeds from the MySpace stream, ReadWriteWeb reported.

According to TechCrunch, the new search portal indexes public comments, photos, links and videos shared throughout the social-networking site, and MySpace users and non-users can perform real-time searches on any topic, with the search engine displaying content in real-time, including posters’ moods, and allowing users to filter their result streams based on content type.

MySpace chief operating officer Mike Jones told ReadWriteWeb:

Collecta brings the size and richness of the MySpace community to light. Its instantaneous results provide insight into our users’ moods and activities. It’s great to see how quickly Collecta has used the MySpace Real-Time Stream API to deliver new value to people on the Web.

And Collecta CEO Gerry Campbell told ReadWriteWeb:

MySpace users are actively sharing an amazing volume of pictures and media, as well as expressing their thoughts on a very emotional and raw level. Our search platform cuts right into the center of all this activity. It reveals a slice of humanity that you couldn’t see otherwise. Even a search for a basic term like “happy” is incredibly fascinating.