Collect countless treasures in Jewel Pirates on Facebook

Image via Cubeflux

By now, many Facebook players have tried quite a few match-three puzzle games, but in a world of life-limited gameplay, there’s always room for more. After all, what better way to spend your time waiting for lives to recharge in one game, than by spending lives in another? Cubeflux’s Jewel Pirates further encourages that idea.

Jewel Pirates offers level-based match-three gameplay, with players being challenged to collect items that are held inside certain jewels. These items are collected by making matches of three or more like-colored Jewels, so long as the symbol is included in one of those matching Jewels. Players are challenged with a limited number of available moves in each stage, and must also earn enough points to earn at least one of the three available stars.

Creating matches of four or more symbols triggers powerful jewels, which explode, clearing whole rows or columns, clear every gem of a certain color and so on. It’s a setup seen in most major match-three games, whether on Facebook or otherwise.

Image via Cubeflux

If players fail to complete a level’s requirements, they lose a life. These lives recharge over time, or can be purchased with real money. Each level comes with an in-game leaderboard to compare scores against friends that play, and power-ups can be purchased with coins before stages begin. One causes bomb jewels to automatically appear at the beginning of a stage, for instance.

Jewel Pirates has over 1 million monthly active players, according to AppData, our app tracking service. It is now available to play for free on Facebook.